Leisure Zone Black PU Leather 3 Seater Sofa Recliner, Loveseat Lounge Couches Set with Armchair Recliner for Living Room, Office, Study Room or Other Room

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Product Description

Enjoy the stunning Cambridge 3-Seat Sofa Recliner from Leisure Zone for any and all of your casual lounging needs.

Upholstered in quality double stitched PU leather in a deep onyx black, the surface is irresistibly smooth to the touch and formulated for wear and water resistance, making it a sound investment that will last with regular use in your home.

Outfitted with soft foam cushioning throughout, get comfortable with the dimpled back cushions and double padding on key pressure points where support matters most: head, arms and a spring reinforced bottom area for unmatched comfort. 

Utilize the built-in Smooth Recline System by pulling the easy access latches seamlessly installed on either side for your convenience, allowing smooth uninterrupted reclining in one motion.

Built with a quality tested steel frame, have substantial support and stability you can rely on to smoothly and securely transition your sofa from sitting straight to reclining.

Enjoy spending time with your loved ones as you relax with the two outer seats featuring independent reclining features, allowing them to recline at their own personalized angle.


Dimensions: W191x D96 x H98cm / W75.2 x D37.8 x H38.6 inches 
Seat height: 50cm / 19.7 inches
Seat width: 147cm / 57.9 inches
Seat depth: 54cm / 21.3 inches
Size after tilt: 191 x 161 x 85.5cm / 75.2 x 63.4 x 38.6 inches
Weight: 85kg / 187.4 lbs 
Color: Black
Material: PU Leather 、sprung & sponge 
Load-bearing:up to 150kg / 330 lbs
1 year warranty.

Please note that 2 seater sofa has 2 recline; 3 seater sofa has 2 recline;5 seater sofa has 4 recline.


  • ❤[Support You with Stable Frame] Constructed with a quality tested steel frame for excellent stability and a high weight capacity of up to 150kg/23 stone. 12-MONTH WARRANTY GUARANTEE .
  • ❤[Easy Recliner System] Built-in latches on either side allow for smooth backward recline for adjustment at any angle up to 160 degrees. Perfect for enjoying rest, watching TV, playing games or something relaxing with this recliner armchair in your bedroom, living room, or your office.
  • ❤[High Quality UK Standard Material] PU leather surface and fire resistent spong cushion : Upholstered in quality smooth PU leather for wear and water resistance for easy cleaning and maintenance. Soft adding throughout with added double cushion support for the neck, back and arms.
  • ❤[Compatible with Many Kind Room]Classical black, tranditional 3 + 2 seater Sofa style, this recliner sofa is perfect for any kind of living room style, or office study room or other kind of room . 1 year warranty.
  • ❤[Faster Delivery Service] The item will be delivered by TNT Logistics, which arrived in 1 to 2 business days. Please arrange time and make your phone is opening for signing. Note: for the item is heavy and big, only one deliver man can’t delivery it to door.
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